Slasher Fest on Friday the 13th

By Nashville Nightmare (other events)

Friday, July 13 2018 8:00 PM 11:00 PM

Nashville Nightmare, your favorite Haunted House, has a brand new off-season event coming this Friday the 13th! This special, one night only event,  will make you relive the scariest moments from some of your favorite horror films. Are you brave enough to see who or what has come out to play on Friday the 13th when Nashville Nightmare presents, SLASHERFEST!                                

The first 100 people who show up will receive a free hockey mask. Be sure to get your tickets and show up early so you can take a part of the show home with you!

There are no exchanges or refunds once a ticket has been purchased. A refund or exchange may be possible upon immediate notification to us of any mistake caused by the system during the tickets purchase process.

These are the Slashers from your deepest fears and your worst nightmares. What was that sound coming from the kitchen? Who’s that walking through the backyard? Slasher Fest is a one of a kind horror event that brings your worst nightmares to life. Come celebrate Friday the 13th at your favorite haunted house!

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1016 Madison Square in Madison, Nashville, TN 37115