Nashville Nightmare presents: LOVE BITES - A Valentine's Haunted House

By Nashville Nightmare (other events)

2 Dates Through Feb 10, 2018

Welcome to Nashville Nightmare's special Valentine's event, LOVE BITES!

Guests will tour two Nashville Nightmare attractions:

Industrial Undead and Reformatory, both with special Valentine's Day themes!

Industrial Undead - LOVER'S RAGE

Well renowned government scientist Victoria Bathory was well know for her studies in (Necro-Biology). As her lover was diagnosed with cancer she obtained a strain of unspecified government dna to use on her significant other in hopes of curing him. But the experiment takes a horrific turn and turns her lover into a blood thirsty beast of rage. He escapes and breaks free from containment letting loose other experiments as well and they are now running rampant throughout the facility unleashing their thirst for blood on any signs of life. Can she save her lover by finding a cure or will it be too late to save him from his Lover’s Rage!

Reformatory - BLOODSUCKERS

Strange and unusual stories have always surrounded this abandoned reformatory school. Condemned in the late 70’s, it became a hangout for delinquents and outsiders. Tales of vampire lore are often whispered by people who pass by there. Legend says it holds within, a coven of Vampires led by one Lord Tenebris and his vampire brides. The coven prey on people who dare enter the abandoned halls. Don’t believe in Vampires? Then dare to enter these halls and seek out the truth, but be careful, for Vampires do exist inside, BloodSuckers! 



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